Nick Jones – Greenhorn


Nick grew up a couple houses down from Sean Dwyer. Nick’s dad was in the Navy, so he moved around a lot as a kid, and started fishing about five years ago. He fished salmon in Alaska for last four years on a 58-foot wooden seiner, fished chum last fall in Puget Sound, and spent one year crabbing Dungeness, where he’d go to sea for four to five days at sea. He has faced pretty nasty weather on a boat that held about 500 pots. He hasn’t worked on the Brenna A, but has known the guys for a while, and got to know them better through tendering season (he was on a different boat so would see them in town), and at Sean’s wedding.

He has been really interested in fishing, so he wants to knock Bering Sea crabbing off the list. Recently he went back to school in a manufacturing program to perhaps eventually work in aerospace manufacturing or as a marine researcher, or at MARCO facility helping build automated fishing machines. Nick knew Sean’s dad, “He was always working on some kind of project.” About Sean, he says, “From day one of high school he knew exactly what he was going to do.”

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