Landon Cheney – Deckhand


After joining the Summer Bay in Season 13, at the recommendation of Brenna A captain Sean Dwyer, Landon readily gained the respect of Captain Wild Bill. Landon comes from a strong fishing/military family background and has embarked on his own recovery from drugs and alcohol. Fishing since 2007, Landon got his start in the industry at 19 years old. Landon’s father taught him, “If you don’t know what you’re doing, clean something,” which made him a hard worker — which in turn has earned him the respect of the captain. Landon is happy he’s made his family proud by upholding his family legacy. Bill has become a second father to Landon, and when Bill reported to the hospital for surgery, it was Landon who was at his side and supported him in recovery. Landon aspires to be like Bill one day — a crab captain.

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