Jon "Farrell" Farrell – Engineer


Jon Farrell is no stranger to boats. He has designed and installed multiple refrigeration and processing systems on vessels all across Alaska for the last ten years on everything from 50' vessels up to 650' processors. He started working on the Cornelia Marie in the opilio season of 2017. When not fishing, Jon builds Sprint Cars and Micros under his brand name Farrell Frameworks. It's not uncommon to see him crawling out of the driver’s seat several times a year with the reputation of being the "Checkers or Wreckers" guy, meaning he will win — or destroy a car tryin'! His skills as a very talented fitter/ fabricator/ welder — as well as his history of being very mechanically inclined — will bring the Cornelia Marie some long overdue consistency in the engine room, hopefully taking some of the burden off Captain Casey. Last season, Farrell weathered his share of close calls — from almost being pulled overboard by a buoy to being pinched between a tote and the sorting table. Farrell hopes to make it through this upcoming season unscathed, but knows the Bering Sea is notorious for somehow, someway extracting its pound of flesh.

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