Gary Soper – First Mate/ Deck Boss


Gary Soper, known as “Soper,” has lived most of his life near the ocean. He moved to Alaska as a boy and began fishing early on. Deck-savvy and tough, he is Captain Keith's most reliable crewman and currently serves as deck boss and first mate. Soper has been with the Wizard for over 20 years, initially working alongside both Keith and Monte on deck. If there is one person who Keith can rely on to keep his crew on point, it is Soper, who has been for the Wizard exactly what he has tattooed on his right arm: an anchor. Soper has the entire crew’s respect, and remains a tireless staple on the Wizard deck, accompanied by his dry quips and honest commentary. Soper tries to stay neutral in his interactions with the fiery brothers Keith and Monte, both of whom he has faithfully served.

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