Freddy Maugatai – Deckhand


First one on deck, last one to leave, this Samoan's work ethic is exactly what a captain wants in a deckhand. A former deckhand on the Cornelia Marie and the Time Bandit (and the Wizard in between, before Monte fired him for insubordination in Season 11), Freddy has brought positive energy to the Wizard crew his second time around, embodied by his cod blood bath rituals and regular crab dances on deck. In Season 14, after Keith realized that he could not fish during opies, he brought Freddy back onto the boat to provide a veteran presence on the deck while Monte helmed from the wheelhouse. Upon returning to his old stomping grounds, Freddy made peace with Monte and got right to work, setting a furious pace with his trademark flamboyant zeal. But Monte created tension with Freddy once again in Season 14 when he declared that fellow Wizard crewman Tyler Gateman was a younger and stronger deckhand, which was the ultimate disrespect to one hardest working and most notorious hands in the fleet.

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