Daniel "DJ" Campbell – Deck Boss


DJ is in his fourth year as a member of the Cornelia Marie team. After being homeless for two years, DJ took a job working aboard a large processor in Dutch Harbor. In his spare time, he helped the crew of the Cornelia Marie rig crab gear in the yard for free. His hard work paid off, and at the crew’s behest, Casey and Josh hired DJ to go crab fishing with them. Through determination and hard work, DJ rapidly ascended the ranks to the role of deck boss and is now regarded as a staple crewmember on the boat. Additionally, DJ is highly valued by the captains and owners as being the "go-to" man when it comes to finding anything they need aboard the Cornelia Marie, as well as keeping it in top shape and organized. DJ doesn’t suffer fools lightly, and despite his young age, he oversees the deck with the no-nonsense demeanor of a veteran crabber.

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