Captain Sean Dwyer


Sean Dwyer of the Brenna A is the youngest captain in the fleet, and has been a commercial fisherman since he was a kid, shadowing his dad, Pat Dwyer. Before helming the Brenna A, he was engineer on theBrenna A’s sister vessel, the Jennifer A. Now that he has achieved his father’s dying wish of returning the Brenna A to the crabbing grounds, all that remains to be seen is if he can continue to succeed.

Since he became a crab captain in Season 12, Sean has purchased his own quota (out from underneath Captain "Wild" Bill) and is now looking to buy a third boat, the F/V Determined, but he must maximize profits in order to afford it and have it ready for the next season. Sean has demonstrated that he can be loyal and trustworthy…but also, at times, calculating and manipulative. The Brenna A is his boat now, and although it still bears his father’s crest, Captain Sean calls the shots.

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