Gary Ripka


Captain Gary 'the Ripper' Ripka is old school. He's a competitive, money-making grinder who will stop at nothing to fill the tank of the Western Breeze. With over 35-years fishing in the log books, Gary wants to start running the operation from land. But, in order to do so, he needs his son, Kenny, to start taking a more active role in the family business. In order to groom him, Gary is putting Kenny at the helm of his other boat, the Redeemer, to see if the rookie skipper has what it takes this season. The two Ripkas are no stranger to butting heads. Gary and Kenny constantly argue and fight over everything from the weather to crabbing strategy, but this father/son team has a lot of respect for each other and Gary wants nothing more than to see his son step up and continue the family legacy one day.

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