Ricardo Medel



Ricardo is a car mechanic by trade and a former professor of electrical engineering. He is a very intelligent man who is sensitive and nostalgic. He rebuilt his first engine when he was 12 years old. He has a passion for understanding how things work especially when it comes to cars. His engineering knowledge and ingenuity have led him to build his own mechanical tools.

He is well-known in the Havana car community for being an obsessive perfectionist. In fact, he's been restoring his beloved Austin-Healey for 17 years, partly because he won't accept anything sub-standard. Now, however, is his last, best chance to get the car into the car club and he wants the car to be a homage to his deceased father, who gave Ricardo a wonderful childhood.

Ricardo has a long list of clients in Havana and takes pride in fixing their cars and making them run better then they did when they were brand new. Most consider him the best mechanic in all of Cuba. He is a member of the "A Lo Cubano" car club and a frequent rally participant. Ricardo has recently divorced Barbara, who is also a member of the car club, and a skilled driver in her own right. Even though they are separated, Barbara still feels a sense of ownership when it comes to the Austin-Healey and is a frequent visitor to Ricardo's garage to make sure that he doesn't do any work on the car that she doesn't approve of. They 're still very close friends, but Ricardo finds the hovering a bit intrusive, but he tolerates it the best he can.

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