Fernando Barral



Fernando is a full-service mechanic who specializes in rare classic cars on the island. He is confident in his ability to restore any car in any condition. He is also the king of the hot rods and the master of speed. Fernando loves a challenge! He is constantly trying to out do himself. His most recent success was converting a '32 Ford Model T into a 700 horsepower hot rod that has left even brand new cars in the dust. One of his biggest passions is street racing, and he pulls himself away from work in his garage to engage in street races any chance he gets.

Fernando recently discovered a '58 Chevy Bel-Air and has staked both his life's saving and his reputation on being able to restore it in time for the A Lo Cubano club's deadline. His new assistant Roberto will need to pitch in a lot if the two have any chance of getting it all done in time. Fernando enjoys a good laugh and likes to tease the assistants in his garage mercilessly, but it's all good-natured fun.

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