Alberto Gutierez



Alberto is the founder and president of the A Lo Cubano car club. He is a Classic Car Aficionado who is admired by the members of the club, and well-respected in the Havana car community. He lives by a code of strong moral values that he implements in every aspect of his life. His gentle demeanor and under the radar approach to handling issues as President of A Lo Cubano should never be mistaken for weakness. Alberto is not a man you want to cross. He is a happily married man and proud father of his son, Dayan. It gives him great pride to constantly hear what a class act Dayan is from the community. Alberto lights up when he speaks of one day handing over the A Lo Cubano legacy to his son.

The only thing Alberto loves more than his family is his '57 Chrysler Windsor, a car that he converted into a convertible himself. It's his true pride and joy, and as the President of the car club, Alberto feels obligated to be the example and keep his car looking great and in top working order. After all, Alberto is the man who does all the inspections to make sure new vehicles added to the club are up to the club's strict standards.

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