Eric Schmitt


Eric Schmitt is a historic shipwreck conservation specialist and boat captain with over 20 years of experience working in the treasure hunting industry. Schmitt has made many shipwreck discoveries including a project in Central America for which he helped recover a Spanish galleon that sunk in 1630’s. Most recently Schmitt and his family discovered artifacts from a Spanish ship including a very rare gold escudo, making the coin the rarest artifact found from the 1715 Fleet.

Schmitt learned about treasure hunting from his father Richard, who was among one of the first artifact divers in modern history. Richard worked with Kip Wagner and the Real Eight Corporation, which found the famous 1715 Fleet in Florida in the early 1960’s. Richard passed down his knowledge of diving and underwater exploration to his son and today Schmitt not only specializes in finding and recovering artifacts from shipwrecks, but he also has a background in conservation and historical documentation. Schmitt is an experienced captain with a background in diesel mechanics and marine electronics. In the shipwreck exploration industry Schmitt is known as a research, location, documentation, recovery, and shipwreck artifact conservationist. Schmitt plans to use his vast experience in shipwreck recovery to obtain a degree in Underwater Archaeology.

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