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The United States’ southern border is the most talked about border in the world. Despite border issues being a constant part of the zeitgeist, most people still have no idea what really goes on here there. Now, for the first time ever and with never before granted access to some of the most elite officers and agents working along the border, Discovery will transport viewers live to the border to experience what it is like, as it happens, on BORDER LIVE. Hosted by Bill Weir and featuring in-studio experts, BORDER LIVE will embed with the men and women of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) as well as local agencies across the southern border and share their stories in real time. Also in the field, Senior Correspondent Lilia Luciano will tackle stories that exist outside of law enforcement, providing a deeper more immersive look at the lives and actions of real people along the border. Raw, unfiltered and non-political, BORDER LIVE will immerse viewers into 1,954 miles of border and all sides of the story.

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