George Young


Avid outdoorsman George Young is an athlete, diver, sport shooter, skier, passionate adventurer and is clearly undeterred by the pick-up truck accident that left him paraplegic. Two years ago, George came to Nome, dredged a handful of times for older brother Dave and caught gold fever.

Despite enthusiasm and determination, George won't have it easy. New to mining, he's relying on Dave to bankroll his operation (a solid dredge and good dive gear don't come cheap). George won't be truly independent until he's dredged away tens of thousands of dollars of debt.

This summer, George will have to focus his energy, borrowed resources and team of seasoned divers on the one thing he needs to reset his life's trajectory: gold. He's sure he can do it - just like every miner who's traveled to Nome and failed. Will this newcomer hit a golden payday or find his dreams dashed like so many who've come before?

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