Billy Brown

The Brown family patriarch, Billy Brown is an expert outdoorsman and author. His love of the forest and everything that lives there runs deep in him. Although he is an avid hunter, he also enjoys spending time side by side with wildlife. He has a natural ease in the wilderness that even the animals seem to sense. Billy is constantly on the lookout for a new remote high mountain lake or stream to go fishing. When the family is not in the wilderness or deep bush, they are on the ocean. Billy spent years as a commercial fisherman in the northern Pacific, and today uses his expertise in his role as the skipper on family boat trips. Billy grew up in Texas and as a young man, suffered from the tragic loss of his family in a plane crash. He soon met Ami and together they decided to raise their family in the bush of Alaska. Billy's sense of adventure keeps him moving, but his home will always be near the Alaskan Bush and his family. "As long as Ami and my family are beside me, I'll ride the wind of adventure to the end," he says.

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