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In the heart of interior Alaska, the small village of Tanana is quickly running out of meat. Stan Zuray must brave the deadly conditions of the Yukon winter with his son and hunting partner, Joey, to find the winter's most elusive source of meat: Caribou. However, the town faces bigger problems than the dwindling food supply. As Stan and Joey begin their hunt, Charlie Wright must face the threat of a lone wolf that is terrorizing the village. Simultaneously, he fights to keep the village's water supply from freezing in the subzero temperatures. Eventually, Charlie and his son Bob join Stan and Joey in a combined hunt to gather the meat their families need.

Trapping season is a vital time of year in the remote village of Tanana. It is the only time Stan Zuray and Charlie Wright are able to collect their most valuable source of income: fur. This winter has been especially brutal with temperatures dropping to less than 60 degrees below zero. The frigid weather had animals hunkering down. Now there are only three weeks left in the season. With a lone wolf still threatening the safety of the village, Stan and Charlie must race against time to make enough money for their families until next season.

It's the end of trapping season. The final push is on. Stan and Charlie go on their final trapping expeditions hoping to make enough money to survive until the next season. Charlie Wright and his son, Bob, travel 30 miles to Fish Lake to trap beaver. However, the rising temperatures are threatening to melt the frozen river before they can get to their traps. Meanwhile, out in the Yukon wild, Stan Zuray is at his cabin 30 miles north of Tanana. Stan is anxious to see what his trap line produced. His son, Joey, is determined to trap a big animal. Back at the cabin, they find evidence of a hungry bear that could attack at any time.

Winter is coming to an end, and for the people of Tanana its goose-hunting season. Geese are an important source of food to the village and everyone is out trying to stock up for the spring. Stan and Joey Zuray race to get the first bird of the season, a great achievement in native culture. Charlie and Bob Wright have a father-son competition. And James Roberts brings his son, Francis, to his goose-hunting spot for the first time. Warmer temperatures bring the spring thaw. Frozen rivers and streams the hunters use to travel are melting faster than usual, making the journey home treacherous... Not everyone will make it back.

With spring on the way, the frozen rivers around Tanana are breaking up, but this doesn't stop the villagers from hunting a much needed food source: geese. Every goose hunter has safely made the dangerous journey home, except one. It's been eight hours since anyone's seen George Roberts and the village has organized a search and rescue for him. But all the efforts to save their friend are unsuccessful, and a town of 200 people has to face the shocking reality of losing one of their own. The people of Tanana come together to support each other as they mourn and lay George to rest.

Spring is a time of new beginnings in Tanana, Alaska. Joey Zuray wants to take the next step in becoming a man and set up his own household away from his parents. The only thing he has to do is move a house four miles across town before it is demolished in two days. Fortunately, the one person in town that has any experience with such a daunting task is his father, Stan. And in their race against the wrecking ball they don't always see eye to eye. Meanwhile Charlie and Bob Wright hunt a bear that threatens the safety of the town.

Its driftwood logging season and the spring thaw has carried dead trees into local rivers. The people of Tanana have a brief window to pull a year's worth of firewood out of the Yukon. James, a logger by trade, is counting on his young son, Francis, to help him make ends meet. Stan is caught in a powerful thunderstorm bringing a new boat down the Tanana River. Dog trainer Pat Moore searches for the perfect logs to construct a new fish wheel before salmon season starts. Charlie is late to the race for lumber when he's forced to battle a deadly black bear that's been threatening the town.

Salmon are swimming up the Yukon River at a rapid pace. The people of Tanana only have a few days to get their fish wheels ready, and catch all the fish that will last them through the winter. Stan Zuray and Pat Moore need fish to feed their families and sustain their sled dog teams. Stan struggles to get his wheel in the water, while family tension has the Moores in danger of missing the start of the salmon run. Meanwhile, Charlie Wright employs a different strategy, by net fishing near his hometown of Rampart.

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