Tara Barks

posted: 04/03/15
Tara Barks

Tara is the devoted mother who loves her boys more than anything. She is a rare combination of trapper's wife and animal lover. She loves cats and is the primary caretaker of the family's pet lynx Cabela.

While she can't actually watch the boys dispatch animals, Tara loves the trapper way of life and loves to work with fur products. She recognizes that the loss of life is sad, but realizes that the animals serve a purpose in her family's survival. They also use every part of every animal they kill. She makes things with fur to honor the animal and to "showcase it in such a way that its beauty lives on." She often wears a genuine inuit jacket made with wolf and wolverine fur around the hood.

Tara worries constantly about her boys and believes that Randy may have too much faith in their ability to survive on their own. She really doesn't want Kole to leave the nest and keeps him busy around the house.

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