What’s New in Sharks: Submarines, Backyard Shark Fossils and Super-Intelligent Hammerheads

posted: 06/27/17
by: SharkWeek.com Staff
Happy hammerhead in reef.

When it comes to sharks and shark news, the past few weeks have been dominated by Mandy Moore's Jaws-meets-spring-break thriller 47 Meters Down. While this blockbuster was filled with thrills and chills, there's so much more happening in the world of sharks and shark lovers.

Did you know..

You can now go shark-watching on a submarine?

According to Fast Company, OceanGate Expeditions will soon team up with the Bahamas-based marine research group Cape Eleuthera Institute to create a series of educational, tourist-friendly submarine dives. Called the Cyclops 1, tickets aboard this mighty vessel will run from $15,000 for a "three-day mission" to $10,000 for a one-day-only dive.

"Sharks" protested a Hong Kong restaurant selling shark fin soup

Recently dozens of protesters in Hong Kong dressed up as our favorite fish friends in an attempt strip shark fin soup from the menu at a popular eatery. While the restaurant claims it doesn't sell meat from endangered sharks, and has "reduced the number of fins sold in its restaurants," conservationists say even one flipper is a fin too far.

Sharks are getting their own art exhibit

Speaking of shark-finning, the Hong Kong Maritime Museum and Parkview Arts Action are teaming up with the international non-profit organization WildAid to debut On Sharks and Humanity; an exhibit by over 34 artists that will draw attention to the dangers of this abhorrent practice. The exhibit runs from June 28th-September 29th, and will feature everything from shark-inspired paintings and sculptures to films and photography installations.

There might be a prehistoric shark in your backyard

Recently a family in Hays, Kansas came across a major find while outside doing some yard work. Buried under a rose bush were the fossilized remains of a lamniform shark. Known as "mackerel sharks", the lamniform is most closely related to great white, goblin, megamouth and the now extinct Megalodon shark. The family donated the fossils to the nearby Sternberg Museum, who estimate the shark to be around 95 million years old.

These kids went fishing..and ended up with sharks instead

A day of fishing took an unexpected turn when a group of kids in Tampa ended up reeling in a series of tiny bull sharks. Not many know, but early summer is when the sharks, which can survive in both salt and fresh water, come inland to spawn in rivers and raise their pups.

There was a shark-petting attraction in Connecticut

"It felt like a soft pillow." That was how one Norwalk, CT resident described touching a coral cat shark for the first time. Last week a pair of the tiny sharks found their way into a tank for a children's program hosted by the Norwalk Public Library at the Perkins Family Gymnasium. Created in partnership with the Newport Aquarium, more than 200 children and adults showed up to nuzzle some baby apex predators.

No house is complete without sharks?

When rapper Lil Wayne recently put his posh Miami pad on the market potential buyers got an unexpected surprise amenity: sharks. And plenty of them. It seems the multi-millionaire had installed a shark lagoon to surround the glass elevator that leads to the master suite. (Sorry, no pictures available at this time.)

This beer is helping fund shark research

To fete the warmer weather, Nantucket, MA's Cisco Brewers has teamed up with Ocearch to craft a beer that funds research on sharks and ocean conservation. Also, in case you didn't know, Cisco the Shark (Mary Lee the celebri-shark's new beau ) is named after this famous brewery.

Researchers in Australia think hammerheads may be getting smarter

On the Gold Coast of Eastern Australia, scientists are wondering why the number of hammerheads caught in nets has halved from 77 in 2001 to just 38 last year. One popular theory is that they might be wising up. As the most advanced shark species, and the youngest on the evolutionary timeline, there's a chance they may have learned how to outmaneuver nets.


This adorable turtle outsmarted a tiger shark

A sharks gotta do what a sharks gotta do. We love tigers. Ps the turtle got away!! @ningaloomarineinteractions

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Speaking of Australia, one lucky turtle in Manta Ray Coral Bay managed to outmaneuver a hungry tiger shark not once but three times. Talk about swerving on the haters.


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