Viral Video: Breaching Great White Shark Photobombs Feeding Friend

posted: 07/08/15
by: Danny Clemens

Did we just find our next #SharkWeek star?

This great white shark in South Africa's Mossel Bay doesn't like when it's not the center of attention. As boater Remo Sabatini captured some stunning up close and personal footage of another great white going to town on bait, one of the shark's photobombing friends (possibly now a frenemy) decided to swoop in, unceremoniously stealing the spotlight:

Great whites in South Africa are known for their breaching, especially when hunting seals. According to Sharkopedia, our comprehensive guide to shark:

When seal pups begin to swim and hunt, a group of great whites circles the island in a "ring of death." When a seal swims off the island in order to find food in the open waters and ventures into this ring, one of the sharks swoops underneath it, breaches, and catches it.

How do sharks make this dramatic maneuver? First, they accelerate as they move up from a relatively shallow depth of about 100 feet. By the time they are under a seal, they are moving at around 20 miles per hour. They hit the seal with the same force as a car crash. Scientists believe that the seal is stunned, unconscious, or possibly dead from the force for the blow before it is eaten by the great white.

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