Throwback Thursday: The Impossible Shot

posted: 06/04/15
by: Jared Kaplan
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Impossible Shot From Above

In today's Throwback Thursday video, we head back to Shark Week 2012 as a team of veteran shark filmmakers traveled to South Africa to document the unique great white sharks that can be found there. In Shark Week's Impossible Shot team leader Andy Casagrande looked to capture "the impossible shot" - an aerial view of one of the infamous Polaris breaches of South Africa's great whites.

In addition to getting a never-before-seen view of the Polaris breach, Casagrande and his team were looking to learn how seals manage to escape an ambush from below. Could they see the shark approaching them?

Armed with a $300,000 Phantom camera and a helium balloon hovering over a seal decoy, this daring team managed to achieve the impossible and provide viewers with the titular view.


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