Throwback Thursday: Do Sharks Like Human Foods?

posted: 06/25/15
by: Jared Kaplan
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Bait Test

When survival expert and filmmaker Les Stroud stepped up to the plate as host of Shark Week's 20th anniversary, he was more than game to get up close and personal with some pretty massive sharks. The following year, Les returned to Shark Week to conduct a very interesting experiment.

Are sharks attracted to foods humans eat? Would a shark go for something that's not on its normal menu, like a Thanksgiving turkey? These were the questions we tasked Les with and so, in 2008, he went to the Neptune Islands in Australia for one epic test.

Off the southern coast of Australia, great white sharks primarily feed on seals. Turns out, they wouldn't mind a human food alternative. Was it the turkey, the ham, or the beef ribs? Check out the video above to find out!

Photo Credit: iStock


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