Shark Tech Tuesday: The WASP Shark Cage

posted: 06/16/15
by: Jared Kaplan
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An 18-Foot Mega-Shark

For Shark Week 2014's Air Jaws: Fin of Fury, filmmakers Jeff Kurr and Peter Scott knew they wanted to do something special. "I had always wanted to see what was going on down below on the seafloor," Jeff told us.

The answer? A 6-foot tall shark cage that was cut from 16.4 feet of aluminum alloy tube and formed to hold one diver. Named WASP (Water Amour Shark Protection), it includes a transparent window that surrounds the aluminum armor to create the illusion that the diver is floating unprotected.

"What we didn't know is that the sharks would actually treat WASP like sort of a bowling pin, trying to knock it over," recalled Jeff. "There was an 18-foot shark down there with Chris [Fallows] that actually knocked him flat, and the other sharks all kind of came and joined in for the fun."

The WASP cage even allowed the filmmakers to observe an unusual white shark behavior! "It was really cool because the sharks were displaying this short of pack or gang style mentality," recalls shark filmmaker Andy Casagrande. "White sharks are generally thought of as lonely lords of the sea that don't like to be too close to one another because they know they're dangerous to each other. But these sharks were rolling up on top of each other."

Could there be another innovative shark cage in the works? Rumor has it that Jeff will be debuting a new design during Shark Week 2015 next month.

Photo Credit: Chris Fallows


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