Brothers Come to Hooked Hammerhead Shark’s Aid on Florida Beach

posted: 07/24/15
by: Danny Clemens

A dramatic scene unfolded on a Florida beach earlier this week, when two brothers took quick action to help a hammerhead shark in distress.

Marcus and Logan Lakos were vacationing on the Florida panhandle when a distraught hammerhead washed up on the beach. Noticing that the shark had two large fishing hooks lodged in its mouth, the brothers quickly came to the beleaguered animal's aid, removing the hooks and returning to shark to the ocean.

"I started pulling it in and it was kind of scary, but hammerhead sharks aren't really that dangerous to humans," Logan told local NBC affiliate WJHG. "Knowing that, I pulled it in. Everyone else was freaking out so it was hard to bring him in. But once people started realizing we were trying to help it, some of the other guys around were all crowding around it and trying to help it."

Check out the full video:


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