Boss Tiger Shark Doesn’t Want its Picture Taken, Carries Away Camera

posted: 06/23/15
by: Danny Clemens

A tiger shark in the Bahamas wasn't too excited to appear on camera -- as a photographer approached the 12-foot tiger shark, it snatched the camera equipment right from the diver's hands and carried it away.

"It swam off and Jim chased it and I chased it down the reef -- it just hauled buns down the reef. The interesting part is that we spent three days snorkeling, looking for that camera, and couldn't find it," diver Shawn Hall explained during a Tuesday appearance on the Paul and Young Ron Show on Miami's Big 105.9.

Hall revealed that his colleague, armed with a $12,000, state-of-the-art 4K camera, poked fun at him for diving with his iPhone camera. In an ironic turn of events, the $12,000 camera was the one carried away, while the perfectly adequate iPhone survived the encounter completely unscathed -- with an awesome piece of footage.

Check out the full interview with Hall on Big 105.9:


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