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posted: 05/04/13
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CARIBOU, Labrador, Canada | Photo Caption: Excerpted from North America: A World in One Continent by Huw Cordey | ARKive Animal Profile: Caribou (aka Reindeer)
Scott Warren

Caribou, the largest members of the reindeer family, migrate to this area in the summers. The route they take from the sheltered southern forests where they winter to the tundra of Labrador is over 600 miles (965 km) and it's not uncommon for herds to travel 1,864 miles (3,000 km) every year.

In the recent past, only fifteen or twenty years ago, herds of hundreds of thousands of caribou have been known to travel together, creating a spectacular sight. Their long journey, crossing rivers, forests, and plains, is one of the world's greatest large animal migrations. But in recent years the herds have decreased dramatically and experts have not yet been able to fully explain why.

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