Myth Results: Sports

posted: 10/21/15
Baseball Myths

A baseball player can reduce glare from the sun by wearing black markings under his or her eyes. PLAUSIBLE (as seen in Viewers' Special 2)

Cyclists can draft behind a big rig and achieve great speed. PLAUSIBLE (as seen in Big Rig Myths)

A football filled with helium will fly farther than ones filled with regulation air. BUSTED (as seen in Helium Football)

Corked baseball bats allow a batter to hit the ball farther. BUSTED (as seen in Baseball Myths)

You can hit a baseball so hard the hide falls off. BUSTED (as seen in Baseball Myths)

If thrown a specific way, a fastball can rise on its own. BUSTED (as seen in Baseball Myths)

Sliding into a base is faster than just running if the base can't be overrun. CONFIRMED (as seen in Baseball Myths)

It is harder to hit a homerun if the ball is stored somewhere humid as opposed to dry. PLAUSIBLE (as seen in Baseball Myths)

A person can freefall to catch up with someone who had a 15 second head start. CONFIRMED (as seen in Airplane Hour)

A person can waterski behind a full-sized cruise ship. CONFIRMED (as seen in Special Supersized Myths)

On a day with no waves, it is possible to surf by strapping a rocket to the back of your surfboard. BUSTED (as seen in Titanic Survival)

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