Cubanismo Glossary

posted: 06/30/15

Little do many know, Cubans have a distinct way of saying things - learn for yourself!

Que bola? (kay-boh-la) - "what's up?"

Que relajo! (kay-rela-ho) - "what a total mess!"

Arranca el carro! (ar-ran-ca el ka-roh)- "start the car!"

Yuma (you-mah) (or Gringo, but Yuma is more common) - a word used to describe a foreigner or person from the United States.

Dale! (dah-leh) - A phrase meaning 'let's go!' or 'let's hit it!' or 'go ahead!'

Asere or Acere (a-se-reh) - another word for good friend or pal.

Chopin (chop-ing) - Spanglish term for shopping.

Compay (kom-pay) - another term for buddy.

Todo Entaya (toh-doh ent-ayah) - "everything is good."

A Lo Cubano - "like a cuban!"
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